Light’n Branch is a sconce design inspired by the light in nature forest. It brings the soft and relaxing moment into the house.




The inspiration came from the light of nature - SUN, especially the sunny dawn in the woods. The invention of the electric light started from the duplication of sunlight. The electric light had boost the civilization of human beings. However, the electric light provide the light we need, but could not give us the same  feeling of the sunlight. Thus, through this project, I want to bring back the soft, warm touch of the nature light to people again.






WOOD - Main Structure
Wood is a widely used material. The texture of wood give the material a soft touch and a warm feeling. The growth ring on wood also shows the life, the spirit and the energy of it. These make the wood to be the most suitable material to represent the nature material.

RESIN - Light Cover
From small thing like a pen to large thing like an airplane, plastic could almost be found everywhere. It is an artificial material that have been widely used in any situation. This is why the plastic is chosen to be one of the material of this project.